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Naples Lions Club Selects Roberto Vasquez as Recipient of the Unique Naples Lions Club Legacy of Care Scholarship


Naples, Florida - May 1, 2024 - The Naples Lions Club proudly announces Roberto Vasquez as

the recipient of the esteemed Naples Lions Club Legacy of Care Scholarship. The Legacy of Care

Scholarship puts Roberto through the entire years of medical school and allows service to the

community for four years following his graduation. Mr. Vasquez, a first-generation college student,

has demonstrated outstanding commitment to service and academic excellence, making him a

worthy recipient of this prestigious scholarship.


A standout individual, Roberto Vasquez will commence his journey at Florida State University’s

College of Medicine this upcoming fall semester. The Legacy of Care scholarship is designed to

send a first generation scholar from an immigrant family to complete medical school and provide

to an underserved community following graduation. This scholarship is a unique approach to

community service. His decision to continue his dedication to serving vulnerable populations by

applying to the Lions Club’s Legacy of Care Scholarship resonates deeply with the ethos of the Naples Lions Club.


Mr. Vasquez's commendable journey is a testament to his resilience and determination. Throughout his undergraduate studies, he was involved in the highly selective FSU Service Scholar Program, where he displayed exceptional leadership qualities as the Chairperson of the group during his final year. His commitment to service and academic prowess continued through his graduate studies at Florida State University, where he pursued both a Master of Biological Science and soon, a Master of Public Health degree.


Erin Sylvester Philpot, Ed.D, a mentor and supporter of Roberto Vasquez, attests to his character, stating, "From my observations of and interactions with Roberto, I believe he has the personal discipline, intellectual aptitude, critical inquiry, and grit needed to be a successful medical student." Erin Sylvester Philpot, Ed.D further emphasizes Vasquez's compassionate nature and unwavering commitment to his personal values, highlighting his potential as a valuable addition to any program.

Roberto Vasquez's accomplishments are not only academic but also a reflection of his indomitable spirit in overcoming challenges. Having lived independently since age 14, he has supported himself financially and worked tirelessly to secure admission to FSU, as well as scholarships and tuition support to complete both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees.


The Naples Lions Club is honored to support Roberto Vasquez in his pursuit of higher education and service to the community. His selection as the Lions of Care Scholarship recipient underscores the club's commitment to nurturing future leaders who embody the spirit of compassion and service.


For further information, please contact:

Marile Franco

Marketing Chairperson

Naples Lions Club

About the Naples Lions Club

The Naples Lions Club is a community-focused organization dedicated to serving the needs of the local community through various charitable initiatives and service projects. With a strong emphasis on compassion and service, the club aims to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families in Naples and beyond.

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