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Free Exams, Eye Surgery & Glasses

We provide free eye exams. eye surgery, and eye glasses for Collier County individuals and families. You can download our Application hereContact us for more information. 

Eye Exam

In partnership with the Lions International Foundation, we offer free eye exams and eyeglasses through participating opticians in Collier County. You and your family are eligable for a gift certificate if you have no health insurance and your income is below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Download our application form here. Contact us for more information.

Vision Care & Glasses Gift Certificates

Eyeglass Donations

Lions Clubs around the world collect used eyeglasses for recycling. They are collected, cleaned, sorted, measured and then provided to organizations who provide them to needy individuals around the world. You can drop used eyeglasses off at any Collier County library.

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Free Hearing Aids

The Naples Lions Club provides assistance for people with financial need to obtain hearing aids. The Naples Lions Club refers all patients needing hearing aid assistance to the Sertoma Speech and Hearing Foundation of Florida (SSHF). Visit the SSHF website for more information and an online form. Click on this link---Apply for Assistance ( access a PDF version of the application form (available in English and Spanish). Read more for eligibility.

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Community Screening Events

We provide have screening events throughout the year at local community organizations, clinics, and schools. At these events, we provide free eye, hearing, diabetes, and blood pressure screening for Collier County individuals and families. We also provide free eye glasses. Contact us for more information. 

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The Naples Lions Club gives scholarships to students who have completed their nursing program. We have a Legacy of Care Scholarship to pay for medical school for a student who strives to work in underserved communities upon graduation. Contact Lion Austin Raabe at for more information.


We provide free books for preschool children to encourage parents to read to them. We also partner with elementary schools and provide free small palm trees for students to plant on Arbor Day to encourage environmental stewardship.



You may donate online from our Contact Us page. Selecting the DONATE button below will take you to that page.

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