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Welcome to our news page. Stay informed with the latest updates and stories from the Naples Lions Club, where we are dedicated to serving our community with compassion and commitment. Here, you'll find news about our ongoing projects, upcoming events, and inspiring success stories that highlight the positive impact of our efforts. Whether it's providing free health services, medical scholarships, or supporting our community, the Naples Lions Club is at the forefront of making a difference. Join us as we continue to bring hope and help to those in need in our community.

Press Releases & Stories

Naples Lions Club Selects Roberto Vasquez as Recipient of the Unique Naples Lions Club Legacy of Care Scholarship. 


Naples, Florida - May 1, 2024 - The Naples Lions Club proudly announces Roberto Vasquez as

the recipient of the esteemed Naples Lions Club Legacy of Care Scholarship. The Legacy of Care

Scholarship puts Roberto through the entire years of medical school and allows service to the

community for four years following his graduation. Mr. Vasquez, a first-generation college student,

has demonstrated outstanding commitment to service and academic excellence, making him a

worthy recipient of this prestigious scholarship.

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